When I first found raw foods in 2013, something felt different right away. It immediately felt like I had found something more than a diet...a lifestyle that I would live and thrive on for years to come. Very quickly I grew a strong connection to nature, to food, and to my body. I lost weight, I cleared my skin, I started being active, among many other things. These were all things that I saw happening to others on a raw food diet before me.


After a solid couple of years on a predominately organic raw food diet, I felt like I wanted to explore all of the other plant-based options that are available. That being said, my lifestyle now is much more carefree and less rigid than it once was. It allows me the opportunity of enjoying going to good restaurants, experimenting with tons more delicious ingredients and recipes at home, and trying my grandmas vegan potato salad that she makes special for me that I once would've turned away because it's not raw.

Many people may ask why I still go by the name RawKyle...and for me the answer is simple. Raw food is still a major part of my diet. 80% of what I put into my body is raw food. The other 20% I leave open to creating fun, delicious, and exciting plant-based recipes at home, or for enjoying a dinner out with family or friends. Whenever I feel myself needing to clean up or cleanse, raw food is always there. I know what raw food is capable of doing for mine and others' lives; therefore it will always play a huge role in my messaging. Also, RawKyle is about so much more than what we put in or on our body. It's about having healthy relationships with others, healthy thoughts and emotions, a clean, clear, and bright home, and more...all of the things that can throw off our whole state of being and overall health.

This lifestyle has brought me great health, peace of mind, happiness, simplicity, and consistency in many areas of my life; all things that I want to share with you. 

All my love always,

Kyle <3